Buzzword laden startup launches

I just received a press release for a new startup launching today. The announcement is heavy with buzzwords, but doesn’t actually tell me what the site is all about. Here’s the actual first paragraph, with the name and industry removed.

Web 2.0 changes the way we perceive information. [Company name] uses Web 2.0 in the [vertical name] (i.e. blogs, podcasts, ajax, tags, etc.) and is particularly attentive to RSS, which presents a formidable opportunity for this sector.

The press release on the launch of this new company next explains what a typical RSS button on a website looks like, and how their button is similar to what people are used to seeing across the web.

Another case of buzzwords replacing features and function.


Commentary on "Buzzword laden startup launches":

  1. Lance Robinson on wrote:

    Did you see George Carlin on Leno last night? This post reminded me of his bit.

  2. Joanna Ramberg on wrote:

    BINGO!!! (I’m playing buzzword bingo and I hit bingo on that paragraph alone!!!) :-P

  3. Dennis T Cheung on wrote:

    Man… whatever happened to the good ol’ days when messaging would be kept to simpler phrases like “paradigm shift”