Google GBuy payments system on June 28?

Google is releasing a payments and certification service named GBuy on June 28 according to a report on Merchants enrolled in the program would receive free payment processing during the beta period and, according to RBC analyst Jordan Rohan, 1.5% to 2% after the beta period expires.

GBuy will reportedly process orders on Google’s domain, similar to PayPal processing, and hand the user back over to the requesting site once the transaction has completed. The new service would give Google a more complete view of commerce search conversions, ultimately allowing the company to charge higher or lower rates to advertisers based on observed purchase conversions.

The new service is also reported to have a merchant certification program, allowing select merchants using the GBuy service designation as a “trusted GBuy merchant.” The special seal of approval would be displayed in Google’s search results and could possibly be used as a new ranking variable for advertising placement.


Commentary on "Google GBuy payments system on June 28?":

  1. Eric Meyer on wrote:

    Is it wrong of me that I read “GBuy” and “G’bye!”?

  2. Chris Wible on wrote:

    It was only a matter of time before Google launched something like this. Frankly, I’m a big Google fan and I like how they execute their projects. It’ll take quite a bit of oomph to beat Paypal, however – especially given the eBay relationship. But a payment system could integrate well with listings. It’d be a shame if they gave extra weight to GBuy merchants in their listings, though. I doubt Google’d do that… or at least tell us about it.

  3. Waksman Yeung on wrote:

    It’s about time to have something different other Paypal. I wouldn’t mind trying the GBuy system at all!! I heard Google’s going into the auction business as well….wonder when they’ll do that!! If it’s true, I wouldn’t think twice going into it!! Having been mistreated by eBay all these years, it’s time for a change and hopefully for the better of it!

  4. jahangir agha on wrote:


    This is my first time to post something in this blog so if I do anything wrong plz forgive me.

    I am also a very big fan of google. I like the services they provide. I hope Gbuy will be offered in pakistan also, because I am from pakistan.

    I dont have to say anything more to google except for saying this that google’s each and every service is a GIANT for others in the market. Take Google Search and Gmail as example.

  5. Michael on wrote:

    Personally, I do not think it will be too hard to get people to use GBuy. I also think that it will be easy to take current PayPal users away from PayPal considering all the bad press. Let’s not forget the class action lawsuit that was filed a few years ago. Many people just do not trust PayPal.

  6. Anmar Hussein on wrote:

    It is nice to see that Google is creating the new Paypal, Gbuy. I am sure that it will be far much better than Ebay’s Paypal.

  7. ashwin on wrote:

    I agree with everyone that google at face value is brilliant and ave great ideas. to be honest i hope they totally kill off paypal, Paypal’s seller help is absolutely non present.

    I can understand Paypal worrying about individual sellers being fraudulent, but we are a business seller who have been running for 18 with a hsbc merchant account, and paypal have just limited us due to our business being high risk, honestly our average value per item is nor more than £4.

    Anyway i hope gbuy are better

  8. Christopher Anderson on wrote:

    I read in today’s WSJ that the rates will be similar to PayPal’s:

    2.2% commission plus 30 cents per transaction

    BUT, the article says that doesn’t include the discount pricing it will provide to AdWords users, who could get the cost dropped to nothing.

    Very intersting! I can’t wait to see this go live.

  9. StalkerB on wrote:


  10. MichaelV on wrote:

    StalkerB, GMoney is already taken here in Australia by GE.
    I hope they show more sense than Paypal and provide more benefit for the users than themselves. Google has a track record of doing that. :)

  11. Ray Phillips on wrote:

    I am estatic to know that I may soon have an alternative to Paypal! I have been selling on eBay for about 2 years and each month my sales have increased. Until recently that is… Paypal froze my account this month because of an increase in revanue! This damaged my small company greatly and cost us thousands of dollars. Thier “customer service” is a nightmare. It all goes back to “You reap what you sew”. Thanks for the great news!
    Ray Phillips

  12. Laura J on wrote:

    I’m DYING for them to release this. PayPal is so annoying. They forbid ANY mature content items and that makes it hard to use them to sell DVDs with “questionable” content. I just hope GBuy doesn’t have the same restrictions.

  13. Patrick Davidse on wrote:

    While it seems great and all..if the rates are the same, what is GBuy really bringing to the table?
    What I would like to see this service do is allow an affiliate sort of network via Googles adsense adverts, so that publishers could get a commission for making a sale on my site. It’d be a great network to tap into if I could offer my products on just a commission basis (and get rid of literally all click fraud), all while having Google manage it.
    Other then that, this seems like just another PayPal. Since I’ve never had a truely sour experience (all though admittedly a few bad ones) with PayPal, I think I’ll be sticking with it until GBuy offers me something better.

  14. X eBay pilgrim on wrote:

    eBay has to be crash as well as Paypal in order for them to change providing better service on our term not their term. eBay been doing that kind of bully to us since the company gone public worsen. eBay and Paypal, both are CreditCard companies alliance force it’s users transact with CC. Time to let Google teach them a leasson that eBay & Paypal will never forget.

  15. Alexander Forgo on wrote:

    We are waiting for the new on-line payment system in hopefully here in Mid-Europe. Because, We can send money only with paypal. But the paypal does not offer to us to receive money with account. I hope the new payment system will liberal than paypal service…:)))


  16. Bob on wrote:

    So did Forbes get the date wrong or is this an ominous sign?

  17. Alfredo Palconit on wrote:

    Well, now that Google Checkout is online, they will be implementing GBuy on that first.

    They are now making their own eBay = Google Checkout and PayPal = GBuy.

    I’d like to see how it will turn out this Christmas.

  18. firemeg on wrote:

    Google has had this payment method available on their Google Base for quite some time. It is cheaper than Paypal by quite a bit if you sell in volume. It’s only a matter of time (if Google can keep their prices this low) before they mount a serious challenge to eBay with their payment method and the Google Base (which has products from all over the web, not just on Gbase – plus listings are free).

  19. Big Bri on wrote:

    Google Auctions could put eBay out of business in a year if all they did was charge for the listing only when it sells and not grab up money initially when the listing goes up. That’s the biggest complaint of ebay sellers! I know i’d sure transfer of my $800,000 in yealy sales.