Google Spreadsheet

The Wall Street Journal reports Google will release a web-based spreadsheet application tomorrow on a limited test basis. Combined with Writely and Google Base it gives Google a mini office suite in what might be compared to Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and Access offerings.

Is there room for an online PowerPoint (Google Pages + S5 perhaps) to complete the suite?


Commentary on "Google Spreadsheet":

  1. Jackson West on wrote:

    Is it just me, or do you think other folks my be a bit leary of using a web-based app for anything besides maybe the household budget? Because if I was a company with any kind of sensitive records, I would not necessarily want Google to have them cached on their servers.

    Not that Google would necessarily exploit them (though if they did, how would anyone know?) but I wouldn’t want, say, my annual budget subpoenaed by the IRS for instance.

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    I know startup executives who forward all their e-mail to Gmail, even as they discuss deals and competitive services to Google offerings.

    Few people worry about it methinks.

  3. RBA on wrote:

    Emphasis in the word “mini”…

    iRows is taking forever to load. Wonder why :-)

  4. Simon Cox on wrote:

    I have to agree with Jackson – I think that large corporates will get very worried about this and block it off – same with Google Notebook. I have been playing with the spreadsheet and it is great – but would I put company sensitive data on it? Not a chance! My own rubbish will happily reside on Google Spreadsheets and be available to me wherever I go.