URL shortcuts for feed syndication specs

Want an easy way to jump to the specifications of your favorite web feed technologies? Me too! I created a few URL shortcuts to eliminate the need for bookmarks and provide a new and memorable way to introduce people to specs and standards. Add a subdomain before FeedSpecs.com and you just might find what you’re looking for.

A simple setup that makes it easier to share feed information.

I’d ideally like to create a centralized learning site supported and in partnership with other companies in the space to help introduce more people people to feed syndication technologies. If I had more time I’d make each spec better styled, create a feed generator in JavaScript, and provide a full database of aggregators and their parsing behavior.

I’ll stick to the simple stuff for now and keep adding domain shortcodes as new namespaces gain popularity.


Commentary on "URL shortcuts for feed syndication specs":

  1. borkazoid on wrote:

    Hey Niall – great idea! I really like this, and it’s similar to my own personal shortcut of giving all my friends email aliases on my own domain, so that I don’t have to remember their personal addresses, just their nickname and my own domain :)

    I noticed your last one in the list (sse) you have the wrong text, but the link is right; sse.feedspecs.com

    Good work!


  2. Danny on wrote:

    Great idea!

    One bit may add to existing confusion though –

    “rdf.FeedSpecs.com redirects to the RSS 1.0 spec.”

    – the RSS 1.0 spec is not the RDF spec(s), nor is it the only RDF specification used around syndication (foaf, doap, prism, sioc…). Would you expect xml.FeedSpecs.com to point to the RSS 2.0 spec?

    I’d suggest rss1 and rss2.

  3. Darren Chamberlain on wrote:

    I think you might also want these:

    rss1.feedspecs.com as an alias for rdf.feedspecs.com
    rss2.feedspecs.com as an alias rss.feedspecs.com

    Also, did you reject existing redirector services like PURL for a reason?

  4. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    I created the shortcuts for my own use and decided to share them with the community. Not a political statement on the top RDF use, just how I like to find things. I added rss1 and rss2 subdomains if others prefer those shortcuts.

  5. Edward O'Connor on wrote:

    It’d be nice if bare (or www.) feedspecs.com was a simple page listing the specs.