Windows Live Product Reader

MSReadr v1

Many people like to keep up with new product announcements and launches across Microsoft but wish they had an aggregated way to keep track of it all. Meet MSReadr!

MSReadr is an information aggregator for all of the product team blogs across Microsoft’s Windows Live division. Search, Messenger, Mail, they’re all in there. You can view the latest news right in your browser, subscribe to one feed for updates from all of the blogs, or add the site’s OPML file as a reading list.

The site is powered by Python and Sam Ruby’s branch of Planet Planet. The domain name is missing an “e” because that’s the Web 2.0 thing to do.

Also available at

This project was created on a Sunday evening without the approval or blessing of Microsoft. It’s a work in progress.


Commentary on "Windows Live Product Reader":

  1. Christopher Coulter on wrote:

    Ummm, MS Readr? Won’t the defunct eBook “MS Reader” (not Web 2.0 and with an ‘e’) quasi-product team and trademark protector lawyerish types get mad?

    Or were you even aware of that product? Man, was that a flash in plan, take over Adobe it did not — a few remaining Tablet freaky types still use it, here and there. Yet another product in the long line of Microsoft abandonware…

  2. Darren Straight on wrote:

    @Christopher: yeah I remember that, havent used it in years, I used to have a CD with loads of free ebooks for it, actually I probably do still have that CD around somewhere *goes searching for CD*.