Technorati comScore stats for May

According to comScore Media Metrix numbers cited by the San Francisco Chronicle Google Blog Search had 94,000 unique visitors in May versus 3.3 million unique visitors for Technorati in the same period. Google Blog Search has less than 3% of the number of users as Technorati under those metrics.

Either that’s a typo or Google is not very competitive in both blog search or shopping comparison verticals.


Commentary on "Technorati comScore stats for May":

  1. Jeff Carr on wrote:

    Interesting, but not surprising. I think most people who are interested in performing a specific blog search think of Technorati first.

    A more revealing bit of info would be how many people are searching for blogs with “blog” as an operator using Google’s main search window rather than Google Blog search, and how does that number compare to the Technorati stats?

  2. Ben Tremblay on wrote:

    Think it might be right? Certainly an order of magnitude (or more) off from what I’d guess.

    But … pondering non-linearity in a high-velocity setting … what comes to mind is that tech might be considered less NA-centric than google. There was chatter about a European search engine effort, no?

  3. Saravanan on wrote:

    As Jeff said, whenever people think about blog search users go to Technorati. But last week while searching blogs on non trivial topics in Technorati and Google Blog search, I found Google Blog search better than Technorati.

    Google is not promoting their blog search properly. Also Google blog search is available at and I am not sure comScore Media Metrix whether considered both the places for statistics.

  4. John Cass on wrote:

    Those numbers are interesting. I’d really like to see some numbers on the number of searches on by keyword.