Caltrain WiMax tests a success!

Intel and Nomad Digital tested WiMAX on Caltrain yesterday, the first step towards rolling out high-speed Internet on the full rail line from Gilroy to San Francisco. The test was successful at 79 mph between Palo Alto and MIlbrae, allowing the network to go live within the next two months.

The system uses Sensoria mesh network receivers on the train to provide a WiFi bridge and wireless base stations placed every few miles along the track. Caltrain will offer the wireless service for free, and anyone living or working near the Caltrain line might have a nice fat Internet connection as well.


Commentary on "Caltrain WiMax tests a success!":

  1. Kevin Burton on wrote:

    There’s been an AP on the caltrain for about a month now. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    The AP is actually connected to the net as well. I couldn’t hack into it but it respond to wildcard DNS queries for:

    so I KNOW its connecting to the net.

    Wonder if this has anything to do with it…..


  2. Joseph on wrote:

    This is a great idea – I would love to see them do this for the trains in NY. It would completely transform my commute.

  3. Ujj on wrote:

    So when are we getting food on Caltrain?

  4. Christopher Messina on wrote:

    Great, something else to drain my battery on the train…! But, if I can grab one of the outlets in the upstairs seats… I’ll be set!