NewsGator Enterprise 1.4 adds desktop client sync

NewsGator released version 1.4.1 of its enterprise feed management server yesterday afternoon. Users of the new version can now use NewsGator desktop clients FeedDemon, NetNewsWire, or Inbox to interact with their feeds. Much better than a corporate intranet page in my opinion, but it’s good to give people choices.

The new version also has better support for detecting and highlighting enclosures, placing files into special folders such as “My Podcasts.”

Hopefully new products and updates to enterprise feed readers will create a new market of viewers for the blogosphere, connecting a larger population with automated news delivery.

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Commentary on "NewsGator Enterprise 1.4 adds desktop client sync":

  1. David Brunelle on wrote:

    The timing of this post is fortunate, as I’ve been looking into the implementation of some type of Enterprise RSS solution at the advertising agency I work for.

    I have concerns over the NewsGator’s ability to sync with their desktop clients. Mainly, it’s that much more information for employees to process (how much time is already spend digging through inboxes?) and then the added support load multiple applications will place on the IT staff of any enterprise to adopt such a solution.