WordCamp kickoff party at Taylor’s Refresher tomorrow

Taylors Refresher San Francisco

WordCamp is this Saturday, bringing together bloggers and developers using the open-source PHP blogging product for a day of discussion and learning. We’re kicking things off on Friday night with dinner along San Francisco’s waterfront for anyone who is in town.

Join us for dinner at Taylor’s Automatic Refresher at the Ferry Building. We’ll be outside on the patio starting at 7 p.m. enjoying the sun and some good local food. The team from Automattic will be on hand to encourage increased use of BBQ sauce on everything. You can tryout one of San Francisco’s first municipal WiFi nodes and check out all the pedicabs shuttling people to Pier 39 while you enjoy a burger, corn dog, milkshake, seafood, or something healthy like a salad (menu).

Taylor’s Refresher is a small business from the Napa Valley mixing local food, beer, and wine with some crazy combinations. Each attendee will order and pay for their dinner individually at the counter, and you should be able to have a nice dinner for $10-$15. The restaurant is located at the far left of the Ferry Building (map) as you approach from the street. Metered parking spots open up at 7 p.m. so you should be able to park for free on Embarcadero if you choose to drive. BART and Muni rail stop a block away at Embarcadero station.

There may be an after-party across the street at Hotel Vitale starting at 9 p.m. if you’d like to skip straight to the hard liquor.


Commentary on "WordCamp kickoff party at Taylor’s Refresher tomorrow":

  1. David Ulevitch on wrote:

    Cool, sounds like a good time!

  2. Cyphase on wrote:

    Sounds fun. To bad I won’t be there :(. I’ll be there on Saturday though.

  3. Patrick Havens on wrote:

    Great idea, I’ve been wanting to go to the SF Taylors… but unfortionnatly I won’t be joining you. I’ve got a softball game, but I’ll see you early Saturday.

  4. Cameron on wrote:

    Coming up tomorrow from San Diego, will try to make it. Sounds fun.

  5. Paul Stamatiou on wrote:

    If things go as planned, I’ll be there with some other 9rulers.

  6. simon on wrote:

    Wish I could come but sadly work and school get in the way…and im a poor college student which makes life suck.

  7. kodomo_ja_nai on wrote:

    noes! i should have checked your page while i was in the office..! had i known about this earlier, i’d go there straight after work! >_

  8. David on wrote:

    Wish I could be there! Can someone grab me my XL t-shirt if you are going to SES – I’ll be in town Sunday. Thanks!

  9. Clarissa on wrote:

    Ah, if only I read the *cool* blogs so I’d known about it. Oh well! Today’s event was great. I’m so glad I went. (I think I may have used your power strip at one point…)