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Microsoft just released a new desktop feed aggregator, codename Max. Max features news displayed in a newspaper layout and two-pane interface, a bit different approach than many other aggregators on the market. MSN Filter is built-in, helping you follow the hottest news in lifestyle, music, TV, sports, technology, and movies. You can share your favorite feed items with the Filter community to help influence the recommended reading of others.

Microsoft Max is available for Windows XP SP2 and above (including Media Center). It takes advantage of some of the latest hardware and software, including .NET Framework 3.0 RC1 and the Windows Presentation Foundation. Max also features a photo organizer to bring more of your digital lifestyle into one application.

I don’t have a Windows box so I haven’t been able to play with the latest build first-hand. Windows users can download the latest Max build and play around with the software in English, German, or Japanese.

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Commentary on "Microsoft Max feed aggregator":

  1. kr8tr on wrote:

    Too bad it won’t install on Vista – not even in compatibility mode. Why not? You would sure expect that MS would start building EVERYTHING for Vista now – especially so us early adopters (influencers, some say) can evaluate it in the context of the OS you HAVE to expect MS thinks the product will ship on!


  2. Tris Hussey on wrote:

    The download and install took awhile but .Net 3 doesn’t seem to break any of my other .Net reliant apps (thus far). However, while the interface is cool, the lack of syncing with the Common Feed list is disappointing.

  3. iggy kin on wrote:

    The UI rocks, in addition to not running on vista there’s something even more disturbing, it doesn’t use the new rss platform. so where’s the feed data?

  4. Ben on wrote:

    It took a while to download it all but it’s worth the effort. Max is an impressive little app and I hope it grows in functionality and features.

    With the trend of shifting software to be web based it’s refreshing to see something taking advantage of the raw power, speed and aesthetics of a desktop app.

  5. Sam A Gentile on wrote:

    Pretty useless since its not on Vista

  6. Bill Garrett on wrote:

    C’mon…how many people are using Vista??? Unless you’re an insider, you have an evaluation version which is, more likely than not, intentionally not working with other new items. If it did work, people wouldn’t buy Vista when it’s released.

    Max has a beautiful appearance, and I’m curious to see what else gets wrapped up in it.

    Definitely worth a look.