Google Code Search

Google Code Search

Google has a new search product focused on source code. It peeks inside tarballs and other recognized formats, allowing you to search the index by regex, license, or language. It’s pretty easy to see how many projects are using a given library (such as feedparser or magpie) and keep inventing new ways to explore software.

You can access the code search engine through a GData Atom feed for easy integration wherever you choose.

I find Google Code Search is easier to use than Koders, and may come in handy when looking for different ways of approaching a particular programming problem or library.

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Commentary on "Google Code Search":

  1. Sam Ruby on wrote:

    FYI: they are not all the same feed parser.

  2. Simon on wrote:

    Well, wanna try to type these in the Code Search? They are amazing.

    “hate windows”, bill gates, d**n …

  3. brian cantoni on wrote:

    You might also check out Krugle. Their blog also has some initial comparative thoughts about the Google Code Search release.