NetRatings finds 40% of online Britons use news feeds

A study by Nielsen//NetRatings found 40% of Britons receive automatic news feeds to their browser or desktop but 69% had never heard of Really Simple Syndication. About 15% of the people surveyed have heard of an iPod but are not sure what it is. A three-page PDF summarizing the study is available from NetRatings.

British knowledge of technology terms

The use of acronym’s caused a marked drop in user knowledge. 29% of those surveyed knew what “IM” meant but 86% knew the term “instant messaging.” The average online Briton now owns 4-5 digital or networked devices. 3G mobile phones were more common than iPods and DVRs were only slightly less popular than a gaming console.

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  1. Ken Carroll on wrote:


    I’d be interested to hear your views on how blogs, search, RSS, etc, will affect education/training. I think that is being overlooked, even though there’s a quite a bit of activity going on in the field. My own project leverages web 2.0 tools (5 million lesson downloads) to teach Mandarin Chinese. (I’m actually Irish, but living in Shanghai.) Podcasting can be an incredibly powerful training tool. We combine the podcasts with a premium online service that builds upon the audio lessons, so there are new business models to be had as well.