Add a little Google to your bathroom

Google Testing on the Toilet

If you walk into any of Google’s 500 bathroom stalls you might notice some Python on the walls. Google places tips for its developers above every urinal and bathroom stall to help expounding the virtues of well-tested code, helping a Google engineer stay productive even when nature calls.

Google is releasing its “Testing on the Toilet” series on a new testing blog under a Creative Commons license, so now anyone can decorate their bathroom walls to look just like Google.

No, it’s not a April Fools joke, Google really does promote 100% coverage in its bathroom stalls.

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Commentary on "Add a little Google to your bathroom":

  1. Silon on wrote:

    If you eat the red pear instead of the green one, you’ll actually be happier come toilet time.

  2. Joe McCarthy on wrote:

    Hmmm, I’m all for utilizing time and space in bathrooms for creating more engaging experiences (I documented a few related innovations in urinal-based displays recently). Somehow, though, this particular example, where one cannot escape one’s work even in the bathroom, strikes me as bordering on obsessive / compulsive, and seems almost Orwellian. It would be interesting to see photos of examples (in context), though I suspect capturing and posting photos publicly might violate Google policies.