Mac small business dinner January 10 in San Francisco

I am organizing a dinner for Mac small business owners and developers on Wednesday, January 10, at Chaat Cafe in San Francisco starting at 6:30 p.m. Next week’s dinner extends the tradition of MacSB meetings held during each year’s Macworld and WWDC conferences in San Francisco, bringing together small software businesses within the Mac developer ecosystem to meet face-to-face, reflect on Apple announcements, and share tips and war stories.

Google Map of Chaat Cafe in San Francisco

Chaat Cafe is located at 320 3rd Street (corner of 3rd and Folsom) in downtown San Francisco, one block from Macworld and the Moscone conference center. The restaurant has free WiFi and power outlets near some tables, so bring your laptop to show off your latest creations. You will order food and drink individually near the restaurant entrance and pay only for what you personally eat or drink (typically less than $10). Metered parking is free after 6 p.m. or you may park in the building’s parking garage (enter on 3rd Street) with two hours of validated parking if you choose to drive.

Anyone is welcome to come join us. People with some expertise in small business services are especially encouraged as there are generally many questions raised and good knowledge sharing. At last year’s dinner recent Cocoa converts Potion Factory connected with Karelia Software and others to discuss the impact the latest version of iLife might have on their publishing tools. Plasq found a new employee for their small team while others learned the ins-and-outs of online payment systems, marketing, and testing. A few fans of Mac software came by to meet their favorite software creators. Lots of fun.

I have warned the restaurant staff to expect a big crowd, but you can help make things run a bit smoother by leaving a RSVP in the comments of this post or on


Commentary on "Mac small business dinner January 10 in San Francisco":

  1. Gus Mueller on wrote:

    I’ll be there!

  2. Jim Matthews on wrote:

    I’ll be there.

  3. patrice on wrote:

    I will go too !

  4. Sam Hotchkiss on wrote:

    I’ll come! I’m an Apple Specialist from Colorado

  5. Sam Hotchkiss on wrote:

    I may bring a colleague as well– I’ll mention it to him when we arrive on Monday

  6. Zack Williams on wrote:

    I might be there – Kerio is having an event that night, and it looks like a snorer…

  7. Tim Pritchard on wrote:

    I’ll try to make it, yeah.

  8. Dan Messing on wrote:

    I’ll be there as well

  9. rex hammock on wrote:

    I’ll be there. (While not a ‘developer,’ I’m at Macworld this year to learn more about how small businesses use Macs).

  10. Scott McGuire on wrote:

    I’m planning on attending (I work with Jim Matthews).

  11. Eric Vicenti on wrote:

    I’m no small business owner, but it sounds fun! I am coming for sure.

  12. Oz on wrote:

    99% sure that I’ll be there! Like Rex, I want to learn more about what our amazing Macs offer to the small business world. I’m also trying to turn my employer (IndyMacbank) onto Macs (feel free to help me out anybody!)

  13. Koen Bok on wrote:

    We’ll be there, Dirk, Jasper, Hugo and Koen.

  14. Todd Baur on wrote:

    We’ll be there; Marc, Angelo, Greg, and Todd.

  15. Tim Robertson on wrote:

    I think three people from will be there as well.

  16. jonah klevesahl on wrote:

    was there last year, had a blast. what’s better than indian food, beer, and general mac nerdery?

  17. Justin D'Onofrio on wrote:

    I’d love to try and make this – may bring along someone else from our crew as well!

  18. Matthieu Kopp on wrote:

    I’m planning on attending.

  19. Jon Gotow on wrote:

    I’ll be there!

  20. Jerry Kayne on wrote:

    I will try to be there with a friend.

  21. Dwight Kelly on wrote:

    We’ll be there with 2 people!

  22. Chuck Soper on wrote:

    I’ll be there (+1). Thanks, Niall!

  23. John Fox on wrote:

    +1 Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

  24. Robert Clair on wrote:

    I’ll be there. (1)