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Will Google enter the mobile phone market with a Google branded headset? Mobile enthusiasts and analysts have been clamoring for large content players to become more closely integrated with mobile, and hopefully disrupting the economics of content distribution the same way the Web and advertising has changed daily computing on our PC. Apple entered the handset market with the iPhone after years of research and partnerships ranging from completely new display and interactive interfaces to an entirely new mobile operating system.

What we know

Google Mobile

Google is already on the handsets of millions through their mobile-focused web search and specially formatted websites delivered through a phone’s web browser. Google has also developed specialized applications for its most popular services, placing Google-branded mail, chat, maps, and video directly in the phone’s application menu. Last December the Google phone rumormill received a kick-start The Observer’s report of collaborative talks between Google executives and France-based mobile phone operator Orange. The new Google-branded mobile handset will supposedly be manufactured by HTC, a Yahoo! Search partner and maker of the most popular Windows Mobile smartphones.

Google acquired mobile software company Android in August 2005, a stealth mobile company reportedly working on a software operating system for cell phones. Android’s team of software developers and executives combined their previous experience at companies such as Danger, WebTV, Moxi, and Orange to change the mobile industry and its interaction with data.

The team from Android joined Google with experience designing Linux-based operating systems and software for personal electronics always connected to a data-heavy centralized service. The combined experience of client-server experiences in the mobile phone industry and television set-top boxes relies on cloud services for heavy listing, sending only the most relevant data to the personal electronics device.

Podcast discussion

Could the team from Android and other assembled teams of mobile experts be creating a mobile phone centered around Google’s data services? In this week’s podcast I sat down with Eric Lin of mobile handset review site Phone Scoop to discuss the possibilities of a Google-branded handset. We review the current state of fact and rumor, assembling the small pieces of information that slowly trickle out of the global Internet services company.

Our podcast, Google Phone, is 21 minutes in length, a 10 MB download.

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