Procter & Gamble creates Cover Girl music label

Procter & Gamble has partnered with Atlantic Records to create a Cover Girl music label. CG Vibesplans to promote itself on social networking site In need of a targeted sell, a consumer staples company decides to use the online world to target women and help sell more makeup….

Summer’s best and worst album covers

Whitney Matheson created a list of 10 best and 5 worst album covers of the summer for USA Today. (via Jason Kottke) I am so disappointed when I buy a CD with bad liner notes or none at all. Keep the good stuff coming and I will place the work on a shelf in addition to my hard drive. Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy was an early work to buck the trend of plastic conformity….

An amateur in the New York Philharmonic

Daniel J. Wakin of The New York Times played clarinet with the New York Philharmonic. He had 16 days between receiving the music and stepping on stage to perform but luckily he received help from Stanley Drucker. “I was told I would be treated like a regular substitute. The brochure for subs that I was given listed payment of $1,980 for a week of rehearsals and concerts, or $198 for a two-and-a-half-hour rehearsal and $396 for a single concert, although alas, I was not to be paid. (The base salary for a regular player is $104,000, though many earn far…

MusicPad tablet PC for sheet music

Adam Baer of The New York Times writes about the MusicPad from FreeHand Systems. You simply touch the 12-inch LCD display or use a remote control to switch pages. In much the way that portable digital audio players have changed the way people consume tunes, tablets like the MusicPad are changing the way musicians use sheet music….

The answer to music piracy?

HBS Working Knowledge on the answer to music piracy. A few good points: Ted Cohen of EMI Music said that EMI is trying to convince Apple that WMA needs to play on iPod and AAC needs to play on WMA devices. He sees this issue as “critical for consumer acceptance.” Few users could afford to purchase the thousands of songs you can fit on an iPod. The assumption is you steal the music. My legit music collection is around 20 GB. Most are MP3s encoded at 192Kbps using LAME. Enough for a mid-range iPod without room for growth….

iTunes for Windows

It looks like Apple is planning on releasing iTunes for Windows.  Sounds like a good opportunity for Apple to experiment with some revenue driving applications for Windows beyond QuickTime….