WordPress Germany and Google Maps

The team over at Deutche WordPress just added the ability to browse WordPress blogs in Germany using Google Maps. Deutche WordPress maintains a searchable directory of WordPress-powered blogs in Germany and each directory level contains a new map overlay of locations. Check out WordPress blogs in Germany focused on soccer for example. Google Maps currently provides no map coverage of Germany so the site is using only the country outline at the moment. Tags: googlemaps, mapsmashup…


WordPress.com is a new hosted version of the popular open-source software WordPress. WordPress.com builds upon the WordPress 1.6 codebase including new support for multiple users named WordPress MU to describe its multi-user capabilities. Developer Donncha O’Caoimh has been busy adding new multi-user capabilities to WordPress. WordPress MU features improved user management, categories shared across an entire install, and a redesigned drag-and-drop editing interface. Bloggers will soon be able to signup for their own hosted WordPress installation at WordPress.com but until then the service is invitation only while hardware comes online and everything is properly configured. If you would like to…

WordPress 1.5.1 released

WordPress 1.5.1 is now available for download. The new version features extended pings, better Atom output, and much better handling of international character sets. I helped with some bugs that were fixed within a matter of days. If you are a developer who loves open source, WordPress is written in PHP and has an active community that really cares about their tools. They really do need the ability to export, and I might write that in Atom….

WordPress community issue with hosted content

One or more WordPress administrators decided partner with a targeted content company to host almost 120,000 articles on high pay-per-click topics such as mortgage, asbestos, and diabetes. The articles section in question are linked off the WordPress home page and hidden from most web browsers using CSS.

WordPress Inc.

Later today Matt Mullenweg will announce WordPress Inc., a company created to develop WordPress solutions for paying customers. Jonas Luster is one developer involved with the new company.

XSS vulnerabilities in WordPress 1.2 Mingus

Thomas Waldegger discovered a pretty serious cross-site scripting vulnerability in WordPress. Dougal Campbell notes that WordPress developers are aware of the issue and working on a 1.2.1 release to help solve the problem. Secunia has issued an advisory (level 2 of 5) for all versions of WordPress. Be aware and ready to apply the new code!…