Commentary on "Grokker":

  1. Peter palms on wrote:

    I want to buy a Grokker, robot spider or crawler that will data mine internet WWW sites for all the trade boards such as


    An estimated 20,000 such sites exist on the WWW

    The spider should also automatically register/enroll/list
    a company at each of the trade boards with, name, address,
    tel, fax, email, URL, by product category and its products
    together with graphic files at each trade board

    Will Grokker or anything else do that?

    Dr. Peter Palms PhD
    Palms & Company, Inc.
    Palms Harbour Lights Building, Suite 203
    515lake Street South
    Kirkland (seattle), Washington State USA 98033
    Tel 1 425 828 6774
    Fax 1 425 827 5528
    Email: Grokker@Peterpalms.com
    WWW: Peterpalms.com

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    Sounds like you are looking for a solution with two parts. The first would crawl and aggregate your data, and then you would need a good way to view this aggregated data and look for trends.

    Take a look at open source crawlers such as Heritrix and Nutch.

    You would then tie together your 20,000 sources and try to uniquely identify the resources before you map the relations.