Women want compassion?

What do women want in a man? NPR’s Lori Gottlieb tackles the question of do women really want a sensitive man or do they just say that and date the beer guzzling NASCAR guy? I like Lori’s take on the subject. Women want someone to be sensitive to her problems but not sensitive about his own problems. He is in control and she can rely on him emotionally. There should be a follow up piece focused on the men….

Olympic medal tally by population

Australian Bureau of Statistics released a chart showing Athens 2004 Olympic medals taking into account a country’s population. Bahamas is #1 on the list with a total population of 317,000 and one gold medal. Even though the U.S. leads the total medal count with 25 gold medals it places 29th in per-capita medals….

Mark Cuban’s new blog

I am enjoying Mark Cuban’s new blog. An inside look at the industry from a well known source. During his 60 Minutes interview aired February 15, 2004 Steve Kroft mentions that “his email address is posted on the Mavericks’ Web site so he can get feedback from the fans. He answers as many as he can during halftime.” In today’s entry Mark Cuban creates a 360 degree view of reporter and his subject, and invites the public into an otherwise private conversation. I told them that rather than providing any commentary or quotes to them on this matter, or on…

Starbucks digital music store

Starbucks will launch its own digital music offering next Tuesday, March 16, according to BusinessWeek. 250,000 songs accessed through a HP Tablet PC and burned in the store. Minimum purchase is 5 songs for $6.99 ($1.40 a song). The service will expand to 2,500 stores in the next two years….