New York Times on employer weblog intervention

Tom Zeller Jr. of the The New York Times wrote an article published in Monday’s business section on employer intervention over employee weblogs. I am featured in the article. I will pick up a hard copy of the paper in the morning.

I first want to give Gordon Mohr credit for the poster pictured in the article. I hope he was contacted about the use of his work.

Mr. Kennedy’s employer, having received some complaints about the artwork, stepped in and asked him to reconsider the posting and Mr. Kennedy complied, taking the image down.

Partially true. David Sifry, founder and CEO of Technorati, received some complaints about allowing his employee to create this type of work. One particular CEO was particularly upset over the use of one of his product’s logo in the poster. He communicated his dissatisfaction to Dave, Dave told me, I took down the image. I purposely omit this executive’s name from my weblog; I’ve never met the guy.

The article does a good job covering different aspects of the divide between employers and their employees over weblogs. I am glad to see the voice of a law expert and the voice of a personal freedoms expert included in the piece.

When I first loaded the page there was a New York Times archive image of Cesar Chavez beneath my photograph.