O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference

I am thinking of attending the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, February 9-12, 2004. It will probably be $1200 out of my own pocket. ($766.50 for the conference plus Emergent Democracy Forum, $360 for four nights with shared room at Westin Horton Plaza, and I will be driving there and back from San Francisco) Have you been before? I am interested in learning new things and networking with really smart people not afraid to live life on the technological edge. I was one of the 230 proposals, but not one of the people accepted for the 45 slots. (Similar speaking topic to Robert Kaye)
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  1. Tom Bridge on wrote:

    MacSlash is going to be there, but I think it will be Ben this time around and not me. I went to the O’Reilly TenCon this year and had a great time. O’Reilly knows how to put on a conference.