Personal Firewall Day

Today is Personal Firewall Day. Visit Microsoft’s Protect site to make sure you are doing everything you can on your PC. I use Norton AntiVirus 2004 on my computers. If you plan on using tax software this season there are often deals combining tax preparation software and antivirus solutions. Resolve to keep your computer and others free up-to-date and clean!
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Commentary on "Personal Firewall Day":

  1. Tom Bridge on wrote:

    Or…you could buy a Mac and every day could be Firewall Day!

    Seriously, until MS takes security seriously, and that means closing holes before they’re exploited, and just programming better, it’s going to be much better to get a Mac for security.

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    Regardless of your operating system it is always a good idea to keep on top of your system updates. Software vendors play a part by switching off services that are rarely used and open up security vulnerabilities. In Apple’s case that would be disabling DHCP for locating LDAP sources.

    Macs will continue to be a good source for security if only because their market share and fanatical user base makes it less of a desirable target.

    If you own a Mac, turn on your automatic updates. Apple does a good job with this feature and it should handle most of your worries. .Mac comes with McAfee antivirus protection and many other features you will enjoy.

    Nothing will be 100%, but at least you are taking the right steps. I agree, Microsoft should take security more seriously, and I would love to see them ditch legacy support and come out with a best practices OS instead.

  3. Tom Bridge on wrote:

    I’d say it has a lot more to do with base level security than it does percentages, Niall.