Convert Atom to RSS has a new PHP service (free) that converts Atom feeds to RSS. Since you are passing an Atom feed as a parameter you do not even have to own the feed you are converting. A good way to read all the Blogger weblogs in a RSS aggregator.
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  1. Dodger on wrote:

    They made a change in their service:

    “The pages are cached for 2 hours to reduce traffic. Until now all requests were downloaded from your site each time. By using cached files we hope to save bandwidth and still keep the service usable.”

    You can read the details at 2RSS Blog

    I am thinking about parsing the Atom feed myself. Now that you can include RSS feeds on My Yahoo personal pages (really cool) and you can ping them as soon as you update, I will need to be able to do this without any delays. The 2RSS ping is not working today for some reason, or the data is not getting updated … this sucks if you need to get your updates out there quickly.

    btw, you are getting an error at the bottom of your screen right after you do a Preview of the comment. It reads:

    MT::App::Comments=HASH(0x8106bf4) Use of uninitialized value in sprintf at /homepages/16/d87952761/htdocs/blog/lib/MT/Template/ line 1187.

  2. usuario on wrote:

    Hi there,

    It includes advertisment, arj :-(