Java 1.5 Beta 1

J2SE 1.5 (Tiger) Beta 1 is now available. New for loop, metadata, and generics support among lots of other improvements.
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Commentary on "Java 1.5 Beta 1":

  1. Jason on wrote:

    Hi. Speaking of java, would you say it’s a pretty good certification and job market at present? I haven’t really dabbled much in it but I was curious as to what people such as yourself would consider the current work climate feels like..

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    Java certification is a good idea and I am glad I got it done. The tough part is how to find a good way to let the world know you have it. Why is it a good thing? Lots of people know about Java. Some people know JavaScript, others can write System.out.println(“Hello World”) and think that makes them a Java programmer. Having a JCert lets an employer know that you were challenged about your Java knowledge and won. Now that AWT has been pulled out of the certification it is even better for people without terrific GUI inclinations.

    The Java job market is good. Are you starting from scratch and wondering which language you would like to get started with? There is Jini, J2ME, server side, rich clients, and many more. C# is also a good option.

    Picking up a new programming language is not too difficult to me. I like having a certification so I at least know I have reached a certain level of standard knowledge and might be taken seriously by an extra person or two.