Personal publishing to paper

While weblogs and e-books may be seen as personal publishing to some, there is still a large market for publishing-on-demand books. Gayle Feldman of the New York Times takes a look at new ways book publishers are focusing on smaller authors for publishing-on-demand. For $499 the Borders Professional Publication will get you an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), a listing on Amazon, and 5 copies made available on Borders’ shelves.
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  1. George von Peterffy on wrote:

    I’m trying to figure out how to get information on the print on demand program of Borders Books and have no idea what URL is and what I’m supposed to enter in the box which asks for URL Info. I canlt even get an address of a Broders store in Phildelphia where this trial program is being run. It would be nice if gibberish were not employed in designing web sites. It makes it hard for newcomers to the much vaunted internet to figure our what to do.