Fantasy sports at work

Challenger, Gray & Christmas, an outplacement company, estimates fantasy sports leagues cost U.S. employers $36.7 million every day. The estimate assumes 14 million people play fantasy sports and each of those players spends 10 minutes every workday managing his or her team. Multiply 14 million by $2.62, the average amount an American worker gets paid in 10 minutes, and you reach the estimated number. What’s the total cost of blogging? I am sure a study will come out and sites such as TypePad, LiveJournal, and Blogger will be on corporate block lists just as Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Groups is blocked by employers now.
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  1. Phil Ringnalda on wrote:

    Do you have some reason to believe blogging sites aren’t already blocked? Using a random Japanese filtered proxy at, I’m blocked from *, and nearly all of, though not (oops, maybe it’s better to keep your hosting separate from your management domain?).