Moreover partners with FeedDemon

RSS feeds from Moreover Technologies will be featured in FeedDemon’s default configuration. Although the press release and Nick’s entry do not mention any payments, I have to assume this was a paid inclusion. Currently FeedDemon provides preconfigured channel groups to help users get started with an application full of feeds. The first time a user launches FeedDemon he or she is presented with a list of preconfigured Channel Groups to include if they would like. The user can deselect each group if they would like to have no default feeds. The free Moreover feeds include advertising. I spoke with Nick last year about the inevitable financial offers for default feed inclusions. At the time he was more interested in providing users the feeds he reads all the time. The move to paid inclusion seemed inevitable and here it is. It will be interesting to see how the integrated Moreover search will work. Moreover provides a title and a source and publish time in the description text of my current feeds. All links are redirects. I assume the search will query the Moreover database for the full text of the linked articles instead of small amount of headline and source information in the free feeds.