Google looking for Executive Protection Specialist

Google is looking to hire persons as an Executive Protection Specialist. Trained in protective driving and knowledge of surveillance, counter-surveillance and technical surveillance countermeasures.

I am sure this is common practice among Fortune 500 companies but the times are changing for Google.

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Commentary on "Google looking for Executive Protection Specialist":

  1. Not Important on wrote:

    I applied for this position (Executive Protection Specialist) and Google did NOT even have the Professional Courtesy to notify me of the results. As a former Peace Officer and SWAT member, I can only say Google has NO CLASS when it comes to employment matters.

    Maybe they should look those words up on their search engine!

  2. Thomas Powers on wrote:

    To the “Peace Officer” and “SWAT Member” that was not called back…

    You weren’t called back because neither of those occupations qualifies you as a protection expert.

  3. Greg Threatt on wrote:

    I also applied for a position as an EPS. However was told that I didn’t meet the requirments for the postiton.
    I am a PPS, certified in VA.
    I have Two years experience.
    So tell me what does Google want. I have protected Bob Dole. But I don’t qualify? Who qualifies if I don’t?