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PubSub has had LinkRanks for a while, but yesterday BoingBoing linked to a detail page not listed in the PubSub site links. PubSub displays a line chart of incoming links to the specified domain over the last thirty days and inbound links in the past ten days. Only one double listing in my results, a TypePad weblog with a separate domain. The chart is presented in Flash, making copy and pasting much more difficult. PubSub should learn from Alexa and make their images easy to add to other content. Think PowerPoint slides.

PubSub is experimenting with NewsML for entry tracking using the OASIS published subjects specification.

The line chart displays rank on the Y-axis and time on the X-axis — both not labeled. Comparing PubSub results to Technorati results for the nine most recent links there are six domains links missed by Technorati and two links missed by PubSub. One of the PubSub domains listed referenced me 11 days ago: beyond the stated range. I cannot verify the reference of one of the domains listed by PubSub,, as it has no home page and no pages indexed by Google.

Overall a good reminder that I need to play with PubSub more. Especially if they capture references (through spliced FeedBurner feeds I presume?).

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Commentary on "PubSub LinkRank detail":

  1. John Dowdell on wrote:

    Thanks for the link, Niall… I want to explore this more.

    Re: “it’s SWF, but I want to treat as GIF”, then I think I’ve got a little context on that… it’s possible that they’re actually doing a serverside binding of data to presentation layer (PHP does have some SWF-synthesis modules available), but it seems more practical to use a generic SWF which, while running in the viewing browser, makes a data request for the domain it finds in its URL’s query terms, eg:

    It’s more efficient to cache that generic SWF locally and just request the changing data from the server each time, than it is to bind that data into a new presentation on the server for each client request… cheaper to have the SWF configure itself on the client machines than to have the server make tons of GIFs or SWFs each second, although people do choose both approaches.

    For copy-as-GIF, you could do a screencapture to pixels, true…? (I’m not sure how they’d feel about direct third-party links to their servers.)


  2. Hans Henrik on wrote:

    One specific thing which irritates me in particular is the fact that PubSup’s Linkrank doesn’t support the value of the content produced. That means – it doesn’t value what in fact is written, just that something has been written.

    Best Regards
    Hans Henrik