Technorati API first long look

I spent some time today looking at the Technorati API and coding part of a personal tracking application. The API server was spotty throughout the day, making testing difficult. I cleaned up some of the wiki documentation, stored my own copies of API responses, and used my own servers to pull the data.

I put together a demo application using JavaScript.

Some things I noticed:

  • Cosmos query never returns rssurl or atomurl elements even though the data is stored. Use the weblog url as a parameter in a bloginfo query to pull this data.
  • The lang element in bloginfo is undocumented. 31411 for English, 1065 for Japanese, not sure what else.
  • Technorati picks up a lot of duplicate references. A weblog entry will often be counted twice: one for the home page and once for the individual entry pages.