Six Apart HQ visit

Six Apart headquarters

Yesterday I dropped by the Six Apart headquarters unannounced. Everyone was very busily working for 4 p.m. on a Friday. I took some pictures of their new office space.

The office layout is open and airy allowing for easy collaboration between teams. There are plenty of conference rooms if you would like some privacy. Two conference rooms are identified as Movable Type and TypePad battlegrounds as the War Room and the Make Love Not War room respectively. The central core of the office space contains lounge areas, executive offices, and a kitchen. Their kitchen had four or five refrigerators, most likely expanded for Firday FooBar events.

It was good to see a lot of corporate culture in the Six Apart offices. Almost everyone had a personal memento or toy at their desks from sock puppets to Robosapiens.

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Commentary on "Six Apart HQ visit":

  1. Christopher Whipple on wrote:

    I was meeting with Mena when you stopped by, but we weren’t sure if it was really you! Wish I’d stuck my head out of the office to say hello. :)


  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    I was wondering who was in Mena’s office! Ben was in his office in the dark or I would have said hello. Hopefully you joined in the FooBar activities.

  3. Christopher Whipple on wrote:

    Unfortunately not. After four (count ’em, four) hours of interviewing with Ben, Mena, and members of the MT and TypePad teams, I was totally spent.

    Once I hear definitively about my job application, I plan to write up a lengthy account of their hiring process, ala your technorati post. And BTW, congrats on the gig! I’m sure you don’t need to be told what a great group of people you’re going to be working with – both within Technorati and in the developer’s community! I’m very excited for you. :)