Reserve a product at your local Apple Store

Would you like to get your hands on the latest Apple product as soon as it hits your local Apple Store? You can go online at the store or from anywhere in the world to reserve a product when it becomes available. I used the system to reserve an iPod shuffle and I received a call today that the San Francisco Apple Store will keep one on hold for me until the end of the day.

URL syntax is + your local Apple Store ID. Visit the Apple Store retail page, select your nearest store, and note the store ID in the Genius Bar link. Build your URL as described above.

Reserve a product from the Apple Store

To reserve a product just enter your full contact information including a phone number. The same information is available from the “Contact Us” link in the Apple Store if you are worried about a spoofed site. You will receive a phone call when your item of interest is in stock and it will be placed on hold.