Digital identity event at Future Salon

Last night I attended a Future Salon presentation about digital and online identities. The event was hosted at SAP in Palo Alto.

Eric Sachs of Google spoke about Google’s relatively new entry into the digital identity realm with services such as Orkut and Gmail. Jeff Hodges of Liberty Alliance talked about identity systems in the enterprise marketplace. Fen Labalme of Identity Commons talked about identity systems built at the grassroots level for non-governmental organizations.

I recorded all three speeches as well as the question and answer period using a directional microphone from my seat in the front row.

Eric Sachs
MP3 audio
19:14, 8.7 MB
Jeff Hodges
MP3 audio
15:40, 7.1 MB
Fen Labalme
MP3 audio
22:49, 10.3 MB
Questions & Answers
MP3 audio
36:34, 16.6 MB