Take 2 Games acquires Civilization franchise

Take 2 Interactive Software announced that it has purchased the Civilization game franchise from FIRAXIS. Civilization IV will be released in late 2005 with 3D graphics and support for XML and Python user-created add-ons.

I have spent many days over the years playing Civilization and its expansion packs. I’m looking forward to being able to code for the next version and bringing the Irish closer to virtual world domaination!

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Commentary on "Take 2 Games acquires Civilization franchise":

  1. Jackson West on wrote:

    My only worry is that when Civ III came out, it was practically abandoned for Macintosh. It took months for the Mac port to come out, and then it was patched intermittently.

    Still the best game in the history of humankind. Especially if your a megalomaniac like myself.