PodSession: Broadband and console gaming

Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are showing off their latest gaming consoles this week at E3 in Los Angeles. Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 3 each feature an ethernet jack and online gaming experiences built-in. These new devices are increasing demand for HDTV, broadband, and networking gear in the home. Game developers are able to push out new content after the game has shipped, or introduce smaller, more niche games through a console maker’s online marketplace. The connected console is changing the way games are made and causing consumers to rethink their living rooms. Om and I cover these topics and…

Talking Second Life with Beth Goza

I had the opportunity to talk with Beth Goza yesterday about multiplayer online worlds such as Second Life. Beth worked for Microsoft for seven years but just accepted a new job with Linden Lab, the company behind the virtual world of Second Life. I have read economics papers on virtual worlds such as Everquest or World of Warcraft but last night was my first tour from a fan. Second Life is a user-created world. Linden Lab has its own scripting language, soon to be compatible with C# I hear. Users create scripts and virtual worlds, and even actions within those…

Take 2 Games acquires Civilization franchise

Take 2 Interactive Software announced that it has purchased the Civilization game franchise from FIRAXIS. Civilization IV will be released in late 2005 with 3D graphics and support for XML and Python user-created add-ons. I have spent many days over the years playing Civilization and its expansion packs. I’m looking forward to being able to code for the next version and bringing the Irish closer to virtual world domaination!…

Halo 2 rankings reset

All Halo 2 Rumble Pit statistics — the statistics used to rank match players on Xbox Live — were reset on January 1, 2005. Bungie acknowledges the problem, but I now have to fight my way back to the top. No word yet from Microsoft on what caused the reset….

Halo on the big screen

Cinefour theaters in Logan, Utah has put together midnight Xbox tournaments on Friday nights at their movie theaters. Teams of four play against each other on the theater’s huge screens. The theater charges $60 for the team of four and $3 for each spectator….

Exercise on your Xbox

ResponDesign plans to release Yourself!Fitnesss, a virtual personal trainer for your Xbox. Choose a backdrop and music track while Maya, your personal trainer, works through some of her 600 exercies. Eric Taub of the New York Times profiles Yourself!Fitness in today’s New York Times….

My new Xbox

I am now the proud owner of an Xbox. Halo is a great game, and so far my only complaint is that I cannot add in my own music tracks to the carnage. I would love to see EA release FIFA for Xbox, but until then I still question selling my PlayStation 2. I think the hot gifts this holiday season will be entertainment related, such as game systems, DVD players, and home theater systems. These items seem like an investment for people spending a lot more time at home, and with their families. A lot of home theater systems…

PlayStation 2

I just got my PlayStation 2!!! I was soo lucky, just happened to be in Best Buy when a new shipment came in. I also bought Tekken Tag Tournament, a dual shock controller, and an 8MB memory card. I ordered FIFA 2001 from Amazon.com, but it does not come out until November 21. I can’t believe Ben Olsen is a poster boy now. Too bad he never won an NCAA title. hahaha…that’s right, 2-0 in Richmond….