PodSession: Broadband and console gaming

Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are showing off their latest gaming consoles this week at E3 in Los Angeles. Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 3 each feature an ethernet jack and online gaming experiences built-in. These new devices are increasing demand for HDTV, broadband, and networking gear in the home. Game developers are able to push out new content after the game has shipped, or introduce smaller, more niche games through a console maker’s online marketplace. The connected console is changing the way games are made and causing consumers to rethink their living rooms.

Om and I cover these topics and more in this week’s PodSession, Video games gunning for bandwidth. The podcast is 21 minutes in length, a 10 MB download

Big Pun Capital Punishment cover

I slipped in some lyrics from rapper Big Pun towards the beginning if you want a good laugh.