Orb Networks presentation at Mobile Monday

Ted Shelton of Orb Networks

Ted Shelton of Orb Networks was the final Mobile Monday presentation. Orb Networks offers media streaming from your broadband connection and Windows XP computer to any Internet-connected device with a web browser and RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. You can browse and listen to music, movies, and television from your home computer while you are away from your desktop PC.

Orb Networks started in July 2004 and launched its first product at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show. They do not have to pay licensing fees since users have already licensed their own content. The top use of Orb is streaming music. Orb is a platform, not a network.

Orb currently charges $10 a month to stream content from your PC and determine the best encoding rate for your current device and data connection. They currently have over 2000 users. The next product release will allow members to share images.

I recorded the entire Orb Networks presentation as well as the question and answer session. The MP3 recording is 23 minutes and 55 seconds in length and a 10.8 megabyte download.

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  1. Andrew Beacock on wrote:

    Sorry it’s so late, and I’m sure lost in the blogosphere for all time, but I wanted to thank you for posting these MP3 recordings of the MobileMondays presentations.

    I’m a mobility developer based in the UK and US podcasts is a great way for me to stay in touch with what’s happening over the pond.

    If you post anymore, they will be on my player within hours… ;)