MobiTV presentation at Mobile Monday

MobiTV guy

Alan Moskowitz of MobiTV was the third presenter at this month’s Mobile Monday meeting. MobiTV delivers 24 channels of live television to your mobile phone for $10 a month on top of your carrier’s data plan. They are powered by Java and claim to be one of the first recurring revenue applications using Java. You can channel surf on your phone with little effort. Alan shared some interesting statistics on MobiTV.

  • Mobile television use is 5.65 minutes per session with approximately 2.34 sessions per day.
  • Live television is used more often than their clips product due to its more intuitive interface and simplified choices.
  • Viewing hours are surprisingly evenly distributed with some rush-hour peaks.
  • The most popular moments were the Scott Peterson trial and Game 7 of the Boston Red Sox versus the New York Yankees for the 2004 American League Championship.
  • Comedy skits are watched to completion.

The sweet spot for the service is transition content somewhere in between fun and learning. The Daily Show and late night talk show monologues provide viewers with a quick synopsis of the day’s news in a fun atmosphere. MobiTV is currently expanding to the UK and Japan.

I recorded the entire MobiTV presentation as well as the question and answer session. The MP3 recording is 19 minutes and 20 seconds in length and a 8.8 megabyte download.