RSS your way with more options

My weblog now has a RSS feed for every category and individual entry. If you subscribe to a category you will receive a new item for every entry in the category as well as every entry in the subcategory. If you subscribe to a individual entry feed you will receive a new item for each approved comment and TrackBack related to the main entry.

Each RSS feed is exposed as a link alternate. In most cases you should be able to replace “html” with “xml” in the URL to access the corresponding RSS file.

You can now subscribe to only specific categories on my weblog or track comments and TrackBacks for an entry from your favorite feed aggregator. Hopefully this enriches your experience on my weblog!


Commentary on "RSS your way with more options":

  1. Dave Golden on wrote:

    Thanks. That sounds quite useful. Where can I see your list of categories? I am especially interested in getting feeds of your event blog, and I see this as another way for what we spoke about offline.

  2. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    I still need to work on better ways to browse by category. For right now you can click on any entry’s category to view only the entries for that category.

  3. Niall Kennedy on wrote:

    Sure! It looks like you are pulling the link and author elements for each item, and that provides the attribution I am looking for.