New weekly podcast on tech news and trends

Last week I started a new weekly podcast covering news and trends in the web technology industry. I plan to sit down with different newsmakers and experts each week to examine the changing state of web technology and hopefully capture a snapshot of how this changing world affects our lives and livelihood. Niall Kennedy’s Podcast is a bit like an extended conversation on the topics I like to cover on Niall Kennedy’s Weblog. I’ll post short summaries to my blog for each new episode, but if you’re interested in full write-ups and enclosures you should subscribe to the podcast feed….

Five things you may not know about me

I’ve avoided the Blog-Tag chain letter for weeks, but Veronica, Nick, Brady, and perhaps a few others are waiting for answers. Enjoy! I am a history buff. My two areas of most interest are western religion (Jewish, Christian, and a little Muslim) and the USSR, two areas I think carry the greatest influence over United States mentality. I had a soccer career before jumping into the technology sector. I met, and in some cases marked, most of my childhood idols. It was a really valuable experience, shaping my views on people, management, fears and dreams all at the same time….

Handling of Microsoft’s copyleft violation

There have been a few accounts on the web about a copyright enforcement action I took yesterday morning. Below are some long details if you are interested in the full details in about 1400 words. Yesterday morning a Microsoft employee used a photograph of mine in a corporate blog post promoting new features in the Windows Vista operating system and version 7 of the Internet Explorer web browser. The photograph used in the Microsoft blog post pictured Dean Hachamovitch, general manager of the Internet Explorer component of Windows, on stage at the Gnomedex 2005 announcing support for web feed syndication…

Speaking at PubCon on Tuesday

I’ll be in Las Vegas early next week speaking at PubCon on feed syndication best practices. The session takes place from 10:15-11:30 a.m. on Tuesday if you are attending the search conference. I have not been to Las Vegas in a few years so I’ll be checking out new pieces of grandeur at the Wynn, new Caesars Palace, Treasure Island, etc. Hopefully there will be lots of search geeks in attendance leading to interesting conversations….

Widgets Live! timeline

I received a few e-mails this morning from people interested in how Widgets Live! came together. Yep, the event really was planned in about a month, from site selection to the actual day-long event. In this post I’ll outline how Widgets Live! grew from an idea to an in-person event. July 12 Coming up short on ideas for my weekly podcast with Om Malik, I suggested we talk about widgets and how they are changing web publishing. I had been playing around with widgets as a form of web feed syndication, specifically thinking of performance on and other views…

Widgets Live! wrap-up

Yesterday’s Widgets Live! conference was a success! Over 200 people involved in the widget ecosystem came together to discuss the current state of the industry, show off their work, meet new people, and learn new things. There were two big takeaways for attendees: we’re just getting started and the widget world is a bit too fractured. Highlights from the day Arlo Rose talked about getting a call from a friend at Apple after a meeting discussion “steamrolling” his product and small company, Konfabulator. Apple later released Dashboard. Fox Interactive Media launched Spring Widgets, a new desktop and web-based widget hybrid….

Widgets Live! conference is sold out!

The Widgets Live! conference sold its last ticket this morning, filling the room next Monday with 200 people interested in the current state of the widget ecosystem and what’s next. We have a good mix of people in attendance, representing large content publishers, investors, designers, and even some hardware manufacturers. It should be a lot of fun. Below is some more information about Widgets Live! attendees. The conference website had visitors from all over the world and is a pretty good correlation to conference attendees. We’ll have companies present from Europe, India, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and the United…

Moderating video search panel tonight in Mountain View

I am co-moderating tonight’s Search SIG event on the video ecosystem with Om Malik. Speakers include founders of VideoEgg, CastTV, Dabble, and POSTroller. I’ll do my part to make sure the topic stays on search and discoverability, and hopefully we won’t get too caught up in billion dollar buyouts. The event takes place at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus starting at 6:30 p.m. If you’re in the area and have an interest in search or video come by and check out the crowd and presentations. I’ll be down in Silicon Valley for most of the day, visiting Google for lunch and…