New weekly podcast on tech news and trends

Last week I started a new weekly podcast covering news and trends in the web technology industry. I plan to sit down with different newsmakers and experts each week to examine the changing state of web technology and hopefully capture a snapshot of how this changing world affects our lives and livelihood. Niall Kennedy’s Podcast is a bit like an extended conversation on the topics I like to cover on Niall Kennedy’s Weblog. I’ll post short summaries to my blog for each new episode, but if you’re interested in full write-ups and enclosures you should subscribe to the podcast feed.

I started podcasting about three years ago and it’s always been a bit of an experimental medium for me. I’ve published in hypertext for about 14 years and I’ve seen our search and subscription capabilities grow over time. Publishing a podcast is one way to learn about audio search, podcatchers, podcast measurement, and podcast marketing first-hand. I also enjoy distributing someone’s voice from Silicon Valley to a pair of ears in Greece or India and opening up new opportunities for anyone to feel like they are in the room listening in on a conversation.

I record face-to-face podcasts for better audio quality and interactions. I’m syndicating the podcast in the Atom syndication format, hopefully breaking a few podcatchers in need of an upgrade. I’m syndicating the name and URL of each guest as a contributor, and you can follow text comments with aggregators supporting Atom Threading Extensions.

Last week I sat down with Eric Lin of Phone Scoop to talk about mobile content and the possibility of Google entering the handset business. Yesterday I chatted with Richard Moross of Moo cards about virtual identities transferred to the physical world. Enjoy!