Google site search highlights

I was searching Google this morning and I noticed some new links under the top search result. I was searching for FTP software Transmit and I noticed four screenshots immediately below the search result for transmit.

New Google search feature

How interesting! People searching for Transmit can immediately view screenshots of the application. A search for Technorati reveals a few chosen links within Technorati’s many web pages as well.

So what’s going on? My guess is Google is experimenting with ways of surfacing multiple results within the same domain. We currently see this exposure of up to four links for the top search result only with an option to explore more results from the result’s domain. I also think Google is trying to direct searchers to specific sections underneath the top result so they can drill-down to their final destination a bit easier.

I am looking into it a bit more since I would like to control those supplemental four links if I can but feel free to let me know any theories you may have as you try your own searches.

Update: The feature that was on Google’s result pages this morning and this afternoon now seems to have disappeared. I looked into link counts as a possible driving factor, but Transmit’s screenshots had one or less link tracked by Google. My Google search results pages now do not include the option to explore more pages from a specific domain. Glad I snapped that screenshot!


Commentary on "Google site search highlights":

  1. Kevin Burton on wrote:

    They must have been experimenting with a temporary feature to determine how it would be used.

    I’m not seeing this now as I just ran the search and didn’t see the links.

  2. Jeff Clavier on wrote:

    It is a common practice for e-commerce or search sites to randomly serve new functionality or UI to check user/clickstream behavior.

    I just tried and got it as well, and also took a screenshot.

  3. Steve Portigal on wrote:

    I noticed this the other day and blogged about it today – including screenshot

    I wonder if the feature itself is sometimes disappearing or if the criteria for what searches generate those extra widgets is changing and so the same site (i.e., Transmit) will or won’t generate the effect at various times?