PodShow receives $8.85 million series A round

PodShow has received $8.85 million dollars in venture capital from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers according to today’s Private Equity Week Wire. The board is currently comprised of John Doerr and Ray Lane from KPCB, Jerry Newman of Bear Stearns, and angel investor Ram Shriram. PodShow was created by Ron Bloom and Adam Curry last year. The PodShow strategy podcast from April provides more information on the company and how they plan to expand. (financing tip via Jeff Clavier)

This investment is a big deal for podcasting and user-generated distributed media. I have not really been following PodShow too closely but I am interested to know where they feel this money will best be spent and what new opportunities exist for content producers, advertisers, and programmers as a result of the deal.

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