WordPress.com is a new hosted version of the popular open-source software WordPress. WordPress.com builds upon the WordPress 1.6 codebase including new support for multiple users named WordPress MU to describe its multi-user capabilities.

Developer Donncha O’Caoimh has been busy adding new multi-user capabilities to WordPress. WordPress MU features improved user management, categories shared across an entire install, and a redesigned drag-and-drop editing interface.

Bloggers will soon be able to signup for their own hosted WordPress installation at WordPress.com but until then the service is invitation only while hardware comes online and everything is properly configured. If you would like to experiment with WordPress.com’s hosted WordPress solution just let me know and you might just receive an invite from the WordPress.com pimp.

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Commentary on "WordPress.com":

  1. Luca Conti on wrote:

    Please send me an invite :)

    Thank You


  2. Kurai on wrote:

    I’m letting you know…. I love WordPress… so., if you can invite me, it would be appreciated!

  3. stefano on wrote:

    well, ehm, if you really want give away an invite for wp.com… well, I can help you… why do you don’t send it to me?


  4. Kelso on wrote:


    I would put the blog in very good use. I would just write about my interesting life. I dont know why but allways something happenes to me. Wheter its good or its bad I get it all. Like the other day I accidentally killed a old ladies dog. Its just crazy. So that would be a great place for me to write about all these kind of things.

    Thank you very much!

  5. Rob Visconti on wrote:

    I’m considering switching my blog platform, and I’ve heard great things about WordPress, but I’m not really savvy enough to self-host. I’d really like to check out this service, so if you could drop me an invite, I’d be extremely grateful.


  6. Kent on wrote:

    I have been using blogger for a while, and would love to try out the wordpress engine. If I obtained an invite, I would be very grateful.

  7. Crista on wrote:

    Hi Niall, I’m just getting started with WordPress and have plans for several blogs. I’d love an invite: as an early Xmas present perhaps?