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I created a new weblog focused on technology jobs in the San Francisco Bay area. The process of potential employees with potential hirers seems so inefficient I just had to try to better connect the two sides. The economy is improving and there are many interesting jobs available at technology companies building cool new things that push the boundaries of conventional wisdom, behavior, and code.

The new weblog provides a way for me to experiment with various forms of advertising, connect people, a provide a pulse on industry employment movements to all who are interested. I am currently using FeedBurner TotalStats Pro to experiment with feed analytics and I am hand-selecting books sold by to accompany each entry. I post each entry without influence from recruitment or referral fees, if they exist. I only post about specific positions — no generic or broad listings — I think are of interest to people working on the latest technology, with a definite slant towards startups and small businesses.

Interesting findings

I have been surprised at the current lack of effort by corporate websites to attract new employees.

  • Some startup companies such as Socialtext and JotSpot are hiring but provide only a “jobs@” e-mail address for inquiries. Joe Kraus complains about Google sucking up engineering talent but at least Google has a jobs page. I need to do extra work to include these companies.
  • Some companies have had the same job posting(s) on their site for months. Six Apart has been looking for a Director of Operations and Mobile Product Manager since the beginning of the year. When I see such dated postings I wonder if the company is serious about filling the position and skip them.

I do not have a scientific process for listing jobs on the TechJobsBlog, but I will try to keep it updated with whatever I come across and seek out new sources of information.

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