Odeo Studio released

Odeo Studio

Odeo just released their online audio recording software called Odeo Studio. Odeo Studio was previously available to a limited group of users. The new version 0.14 is the first public release of the software.

Giving people the ability to record content via a web page or telephone takes away a lot of the complexity of podcasting or casual voice message creation. No worries about getting the proper recording software, encoding the audio, uploading to a server. Now all you have to do is hit record on a web page and everything is done for you.

Recordings are limited to only 3 minutes so Odeo is not yet a realistic tool for full podcasts. It’s just the right amount of time for podcasts listeners to leave comments on shows. Yep, I’m requesting features already!

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  1. somaking on wrote:

    podOmatic has been doing this stuff for months now, and much better too. Amazing because Odeo’s been in the news for about a year now.