Skype thoughts

Skype updated its Mac client today with some new user interface features, improved call quality, and some additional member information. I like the small touches such as the new blue dock icon and the ability to automatically pause iTunes when you receive a new incoming call.

I just realized today that Skype works over local Bonjour networks. The feature has been around for a few months, but none of my coworkers knew about it either.

Om points out that many of the Skype 2.0 features were previously available as plugins from third party developers. I have not used any of the plugins, but I think the features demanded by users should be rolled into the core service offering and hopefully it is possible to hire some people from small plugin development shops who are already passionate about the technology. I think video was a question of when, not if, and any developer of a video plugin would have opportunistically entered the market to gain some revenue and experience before making its move.

I’ve been thinking about using SkypeIn combined with Skype voicemail for podcast listener questions and comments. I am just deciding on a call-in number, but I think it’s a good idea. Area code 763 spells “pod” is available for call-in numbers. I’ve been waiting for Skype to add numbers in Ireland but I might crack and add a U.S. number for the show.