Twitter now supports story summaries in an expanded Tweet view powered by Twitter Card markup. I wrote a PHP generator and WordPress plugin to help your content look good on Twitter. Associate your page with a Twitter account, display images in timeline, and more.

Open Graph protocol is a set of HTML+RDF markup elements used to summarize webpages on the public Internet when those pages are shared on Facebook, Google+, mixi, LinkedIn, and more. In this post I will summarize Open Graph protocol markup for easy inclusion in your site templates.

Microsoft released a developer preview of Windows 8 at this week’s BUILD conference including a preview release of the next version of Internet Explorer. The new browser runs in two modes: with and without plugins. Microsoft is bundling a special compatibility view list to spoof iPhone, iPad, or even Firefox User-Agents to trigger special views on websites designed for a plugin-free or full-screen experience.

Yahoo! announced support for enhanced search results last week based on Facebook Share and RDFa markup. Website owners can add a few meta tags to their pages to boost click-throughs from a more visual Yahoo! Search result and east the process of sharing a link on Facebook at the same time. In this post I will cover the major categories of enhanced share types — audio, images, video, news, blogs, games, documents, and multimedia — and walk through how site owners can stand out on shareable platforms.

Micro-blogging service Twitter will celebrate its third birthday in March and may have a revenue model to support the company over the long-term. Last month Twitter CEO Evan Williams told Kevin Maney of the company will kick off new revenue streams by March 2009 to avoid raising another round of venture capital funding. Twitter’s deeply engaged community would love to see a sustainable business develop around the site, its services, and the community. In this post I will take a deeper look at Twitter and its revenue potential as publicly hinted by its founders.

Facebook filed eight legal complaints in United States federal court against Power Ventures, operators of social aggregator Facebook claims Power collected Facebook usernames and passwords, stored Facebook data on their servers, used the Facebook trademark without license, sent e-mails posing as Facebook, and knowingly circumvented Facebook’s attempts to block access.

Content developed exclusively for the iPhone helped web publishers rethink content display beyond the desktop browser. Reimagining web content for small screens with bandwidth, latency, and interaction constraints provided publishers with an introduction to widget concepts and a broader web strategy. iPhone OS 2.0 ignited new mobile development in 2008, which should carry over to new platforms in 2009.

Over the past few months the OpenSocial spec has grown to include JSON, Atom, and XML outputs over a RESTful interface. In this blog post I will provide a brief overview of OpenSocial RESTful protocols and its data implementation for any website interested in standardized descriptors of social data.

Last week I decided to rewrite the front-end on Google App Engine to incorporate modern front-end programming best practices, exceptional performance, and establish a solid platform for further development. is a fully-functional read-only clone of designed to make your web browser sing. I created the site as an example of web development best practices anyone can integrate into their web presence.