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This blog is now powered by WordPress multisite. Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com major contributor to the WordPress project in employee hours and hosting, has been a client of mine since the summer of 2009. I co-organized the first WordCamp with project founder Matt Mullenweg in 2006 about a year after photoshopping some of the first WordPress apparel during the Webzine conference. I have co-hosted WordCamp San Francisco with Matt for the last two years. I submitted my first patch in early 2005 to improve Atom feed templates. Yet through all of my involvement with WordPress my main blogs have stayed on Movable Type. I finally patched pieces of WordPress core that were bothering me, waited for multisite to stabilize, ported over my theme, and wrote a few plugins for feature parity. This blog was previously powered by Movable Type, Blogger Pro, Blojsom, Radio Userland, First Class, hand-edited HTML, and HyperCard.

A publishing engine should serve its primary purpose of publishing the message you would like to serve out into the world. Over the years the number of templates generated with each new published message has grown to include desktop HTML, mobile HTML, web feeds such as Atom and RSS, sitemaps for search engine discovery, and notifications delivered to search engines, feed readers, and social sites with any content change. I am interested in implementing web publishing best practices and general community engagement on my blog; moving away from Perl-powered Movable Type to PHP-powered WordPress feeds my urge to tinker, experiment, and improve my site’s relationship with the broader web. Millions of websites powered by WordPress will be able to take advantage of the core patches and plugins I use on my own site. I’m also excited WordPress is finally moving to PHP 5.2 and MySQL 5 which should help speed up the software and collapse the many conditionals baked-in to the software.

If you are a WordPress core developer you can follow my patches on my WordPress profile. I will be contributing more patches before the WordPress 3.2 code freeze.

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  1. Finally! Welcome. :-) Wow, that’s quite the web publishing lineage.

    employer of 70% of WordPress committers

    4 out of 7, currently (assuming you count Matt). Andrew Nacin, Dion Hulse, and I are the non-Automattic committers.

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