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Technorati Web Comments extension

I may have a Technorati version of the Blogger Web Comments Firefox extension running on my machine right now. Google directs users through a terms of service for the extension that asks users to agree to not modify the code, so I can can’t confirm my hacking…

You can download the Blogger Web Comments Firefox extension directly without passing through the terms of service if you would like.

Under part 4 of Google’s Firefox tools terms of service, proprietary rights, they claim full ownership over all released plugins and prohibit all modifications and derivative works.

Except as expressly authorized by Google, you agree not to modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative works based on the Software, in whole or in part.

That sucks. When I use an open-source product I expect to be able to tweak, modify, hack, and break a few things. Slapping protections and restrictions on an extension of a Mozilla Public Licensed product seems a bit evil to me.

If anyone would like a copy of the plugin with green or pink styling, or with results from Technorati or another service, or with full support for the MetaWeblog API, I can tell you that definitely possible but Google’s lawyers might come after me if I admit to modifying the extension.

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Commentary on "Technorati Web Comments for Firefox":

  1. Arieanna on wrote:

    Sounds great! What modifications? Huh? I don’t know anything about any modifications…

  2. Matt Terenzio on wrote:

    What the heck are they thinking about?
    ( I sat here for a minute )
    . . .
    I know!
    They are starting a grass roots campaign to get the growing non-programming Firefox users hooked on using a bunch of peripheral services that they completely control.
    Then they launch GBrowser with enhanced versions only available on Gbrowser, not Firefox and steal the market.
    Or something along those lines. I see no other reasoning.
    I was abstaining on the Google negativity around, but this is weird.

  3. graywolf on wrote:

    We’re giving you this hammer for free but remeber you are only allowed to hit google approved nails exactly the way we want you to with it. Additionally you are not allowed to use it to hit any other unauthorized objects despite any resemblence to nails they may have.